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Iran Attractions
Historical Village of Kandovan

The village of Kandovan is also part of the Lake Urmia region (also spelt Urmiyeh or Urmiya), the region where the predecessors of the Persians and the Medes first entered recorded history in a 844 BCE Assyrian inscription, and the region that is central to the start of the second phase of Zoroastrian history.
Historical Village of Masuleh

Masouleh village is perched high on a densely forested mountainside about 60 kilometers inland from the Caspian Sea. Due to its location, the climate of Masouleh village is different from much of Iran. Warm, moist air blowing southwest from the Caspian is blocked by the Alborz Mountains, creating heavy precipitation and fog on the seaward side of the mountains (this ecoregion is known as the Caspian and Hyrcanian Mixed Forests). Further inland, the landward side of the Alborz receives very little rainfall and rapidly becomes arid.
Historical Village of Meymand

Meymand Village is a 12,000 year old village located in Shahr’e Babak, Kerman, 35 kilometers from the town of Babak on the Tehran-Bandar Abbas Road. Unlike other ancient villages, Meymand has retained its culture. Living conditions in Meymand are harsh due to the aridity of the land and to high temperatures in summers and very cold winters.
Takht-e-Soleiman massif

Alborz (Elburz or Alburz) mountain range, north Iran, between the Caspian sea and the central Iranian plateau consists of steep, narrow, parallel ridges, the northern slopes of the Alborz are rainy and forested, the southern slope is semiarid. Alborz range is generally divided into west, middle and east Alborz.
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Tehran- Iran Weather

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Mazandaran Province1/ Iran
Alamkouh (Mountaineering ,Mt.Damavand 5671m & Alamkouh 4850m)
14 Night
Price: Please contact
Northern Khorasan Province
Silk Road Itinerary
14 Night
Price: Please contact
East Alborz- Tehran Province
Doberar (Garehdagh Range)
12 Night
Price: Please contact
Isfahan Province/ Iran
Isfahan/Shiraz (Perspolise) - Classic cultural tour
8 Night
Price: Please contact
Gilan Province
Masouleh (City tour)
14 Night
Price: Please contact
Ghazvin Province/ Iran
3000 Valley (Eco cultural tour)
14 Night
Price: Please contact
Mazandaran Province3/ Iran
Alamkouh German Flank (Rock Climbing)
9 Night
Price: Please contact
Isfahan Province/Damavand/ Iran
Damavand (Classic cultural tour & Mt.Damavand)
13 Night
Price: Please contact

Doberar rang

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Sabalan Summit 4811m

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Iran - Hormoz Island

Classic Art

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